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Goonya Fighter

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Goonya NEWS


End of collaboration with Virtua Fighter, etc.

Thank you for using Goonya Fighter for Switch.

We would like to inform you that we have decided to end the use of characters from the popular Virtua Fighter/Border Break collaboration for Switch.
We have decided to end the use of Virtua Fighter/Border Break characters before November 19th.
We would like to thank everyone who has been playing the Virtua Fighter and Border Break collaboration characters.

▼After the end of the collaboration
Virtua Fighter/Border Break characters will no longer be available for purchase after Ver. 1.2.2 is applied.
Collaboration characters that have already been purchased for the Switch version can still be used.
Collaboration characters that have not been purchased will be disabled.


Goonya NEWS


Goonya official website was renewed!

Thank you all for browsing!
We've made our official website even easier to navigate!
Thank you for your continued support of Goonya Fighter.


Goonya NEWS


Enter Virtua Fighter soon!

Those legendary fighters are coming!
Akira, Pai, Lau, Wolf, and Sarah are in the game.

Look forward to it!


Goonya NEWS


Halloween skins on sale!

Happy Halloween! "Halloween" skins are now available!
Come on guys, get dressed up and enjoy the Halloween spirit in the world of Goonya!

Click here to buy


Goonya NEWS


“Goonya Fighter” Homepage Launch!

As of today the “Goonya Fighter” homepage is now up and running.
Stay tuned for updates and strategic information!


Goonya NEWS


Pre-Purchase Starts Today!

As of 30th May 2019, “Goonya Fighter”
is available for pre-purchase via the Nintendo e-Shop.
Order now for a special discount!


Goonya NEWS


Launch Date Confirmed: 27th June!

It's official: The release date for “Goonya Fighter” has been confirmed for 27th June.
For those who want to get their hands on it as soon as possible,
pre-purchase now and play it as soon as it's released.


Goonya NEWS


New PV Launched!

New Goonya Fighter promotion video launched!
Those still hesitating can also check out
new images and info on new stages on the website!


Goonya NEWS


Limited to "Sky Ride" players:
Goonya Fighter Special Offer!!

While you were hesitating as to whether to purchase Goonya Fighter or not,the sale ended!
Fear not! Check this out.
Purchase MUTAN Inc.'s past work "Sky Ride", and get "Goonya Fighter" for the same price as when it was the sale.
No dilly dallying though. Offer lasts until 22nd July for USA and 30th July for Europe.

■How to activate the discount■

①Once you own a copy of the Sky Ride software,
go to the Goonya Fighter e-Shop page.
②Confirm that the discount is active (you should see a red label with "xx% off") and continue with your purchase.

To Sky Ride e-Shop page

Click here

To Goonya Fighter e-Shop page

Click here

Goonya NEWS


Update Announcement

Version 1.0.2 update, available from 19th July 2019
■ Bug fixed regarding controller settings not being saved.
■ Difficulty adjustment for some missions in Story Mode.

Keep an eye out for further updates.


Goonya NEWS


Update Announcement

Version Ver 1.0.4 update, available from 25th September 2019
◆The Amoeba lab is (finally!) open. Every two weeks a new experimental battle will be hosted.
◆Adjusted prize/penalty money rates in World Match.
◆Minor bug fixes
We hope you can continue to enjoy Goonya Fighter.


Goonya NEWS


LINE Stamps Now Available

Users of the app LINE can now purchase specially-drawn Goonya Fighter stamps. Have fun conversing with your favorite characters.

Check them out here

Click here


Goonya NEWS


DLC Available From Today!

In line with our winter sale, Goonya Fighter brings you a range of DLC (Downloadable Contents), including new battle styles, characters skins and new characters!

1. New battle styles
Everything that you've found in the Laboratory is now available for purchase. Play it whenever you want.

2. New Characters
Say hello to Tappy and Uiro, who we've added to the eclectic mix.

3. Additional skins
Now you can enjoy christmas suits, pyjamas and a few more costumes as you flip and flop all over the place.

Check out the DLC here (US site)

Click here


Goonya NEWS


Goonya Fighter Has An OST!

The Goonya Fighter Original Soundtrack is now available for streaming and download.
In addition to all the tracks from Goonya Fighter, the music from Goonya's predecessors, Sky Ride and Flipover Frog, are also available for streaming and download.
Listen on spotify, amazon music or google play music!

Google Play Music

Click here

Amazon Music

Click here


Click here

Goonya NEWS


January Rankings - Goonya Fighter

We present to you the online rankings for January 2020. Which Goonya Fighter has won the most prize money?!
This month we're showing you how close countries outside Japan are to entering the top-30!

Solo Rankings

Team Rankings

For the solos, several Americans are pushing their way up the charts. They're not yet above 30th place, but we shall see!
As for the teams, an Italian duo has made 9th, German duo Mowlet are holding at 16th, and the US team cools are pushing up at 31st.

It's going to be an exciting February with everyone getting their mitts on prize money!
Don't lose steam now, gya! And keep an eye out for future updates!


Goonya NEWS


February Rankings - Goonya Fighter

We present to you the online rankings for February 2020. Which Goonya Fighter has won the most prize money?!
Check out the top-30 for this month below.

Solo Rankings

Team Rankings

The Japanese are pulling out all the punches, causing fans in Europe and America to slip down the table.
But there's hope in the solos, someone's pushed through to the top 15! So don't give up guys!


What is Goonya Fighter?

A party-fighting game for 4 people to dive straight into.
No training needed!

Goonya Fighter is a party game that you can play anywhere, anytime, with anyone.
With only 4 actions, players of all levels can engage in heated battles. Goonya Fighters flop over quickly, but with a little button-bashing and stick-twiddling, you’re back on your feet to dish out some payback.

Watch how to play
Never seen anything like it!!

Select a Play Mode

Select a Play Mode

With a wealth of content
and simple actions,
how you play is up to you!

Play with friends or family in [VS MODE]. Battle together on different stages, with different rules, switch it up for hours of fun...
Battle with strangers from around the world in [ONLINE MODE], either alone or as a pair with a friend. Give it a go!

Clear missions in [STORY MODE] solo or as a team of two and dive deep into the Goonya world. Overcome a variety of challenges, be the best fighter there is!


3 Game Styles, 90 Levels, Endless Fun

Have even more fun with
one level via
different game styles.

  • RACE

Have even more fun with
one level via
different game styles.

Game styles include: defeating your opponents in [BATTLE]; picking up as many coins scattered around within the time limit in [COIN BATTLE]; capturing the flags in number order all the way to the goal in [RACE].
Change styles and experience the same level in multiple ways.

Go to town on the game styles that you know and like!

Kagero the Amoebas the Amoebas

Story Mode

Brush up your skills
in Story Mode and
become a strong fighter.

Play as Nyack and rescue... friend Pudding from the Amoebas with your companion Mash.
Beat the traps and the bosses, and make your way to victory! With one device you can play on your own or share Joy-Cons and play as a team.

Story Mode


The local martial arts tournaments have finished, Nyack has won. However the Amoebas, in their shady ways, kidnap Nyack’s childhood friend Pudding. With former rival Mash lending a hand, the pair embark on their journey across the world, meeting new friends and foes alike as they learn how the Amoebas plan to use science to change the world. Will our heroes stand up to the challenge?!

Pudding Nyack


  • Nyack

    Aiming to be the best fighter there is, Nyack enters the local martial arts tournament, but…

  • Mash

    Nyack’s close friend, rival and fellow martial arts pupil. Never fails to train every day.

  • Pudding

    Childhood friend of Nyack and Mash. Kidnapped by the shady Amoebas.

  • Kagero

    A ninja training alone in a secluded forest. Teams up with Nyack and the others to help confront the Amoebas.

  • Papyrus

    A mysterious girl encountered in the red-hot desert. Contrary to how she presents herself, her clothes speak of a privileged background.

  • Aurora

    A cool assassin, lurking about in the shadows. Undertakes research for the Amoebas.

  • Cobra

    Commander of the Amoebas, working together with Aurora. Rumored to have a base of operations in a volcanic region somewhere…

  • the Amoebas

    Amoeba grunts. Beings created through the power of science perhaps, able to communicate telepathically via the antennas on top of their heads.

  • Jelly

    A bioroid created by the Amoebas. Shrouded in mystery, few within the Amoebas are aware of even Jelly’s existence.

  • Tappy

    Tappy is Uiro’s attendant, a skillful martial artist. Aside from being the attendant, Tappy is a trainer for Nyack and others.

  • Uiro

    Master of Nyack and Mash. The drunken master.
    He has a hidden skill not passed down to Nyack and others yet...

  • Glyph

    The brother of Papyrus and the prince of the desert kingdom.
    He has a sword passed down from the royal family. A big secret is said to be hidden in the sword.

  • Mascot

    Mascots who have come to the world of the Goonya Fighter.

  • JunjyoNoAfilia

    These cute fighters come from the world of idols and can sing and dance.

  • AsanoshimaiProject

    Ninja Vtubers Ruri Asano and Akane Asano have arrived in the world of Goonya Fighter.

Various Playing Styles

One device, double the fun

Using the Joy-Cons as two
controllers and sharing one screen,
you can play easily in local battles,
online battles and more
with friends and family!

Woah!! Let me handle it!

With the Nintendo-Switch, play anywhere, anytime, with anyone!

The Nintendo Switch supports
all forms of play style,
so battle wherever you want!

Various Playing Styles Get your family together for a multiplayer battle!
Papyrus Aurora


Laugh it out with more additional item,
Enjoy the Goonya World
more than ever!

More unintroduced  “Additional Item” available! Try them out and have more fun!

See DLC グリフ アメーバ団 カゲロウ ニャック


Can you battle with friends online?
Of course! Have fun battling friends near and far.
Does each player have to purchase a copy of “Goonya Fighter”?
No. If one person/handheld console has “Goonya Fighter” installed, then up to 4 people can play, assuming you have the right number of Joy-Cons.
I'm not good at fighting games, what makes this different?
With simple controls and few buttons to operate, we're confident that you'll be having fun in no time.
Is Online Mode free to play?
No it isn't. You will have to purchase separately a subscription to “Nintendo Switch Online” in order to access Online Mode.

product info

  • Title

    Goonya Fighter

  • Release

    27th June 2019

  • Platform

    Nintendo Switch™

  • Players

    up to 4 players

  • Languages

    Japanese/English/German/Traditional Chinese

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