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Goonya Fighter

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Goonya NEWS


Ver.1.1.0 Big Summer Update!

Ladies and gentlemen!
In Ver. 1.1.0, the long-awaited Online Mode,
additional rules, additional characters,
and many other contents are now available!

Have fun playing Goonya Fighter with your family and loved ones!

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Goonya NEWS


Goonya Fighter for PS5 is now available!

Goonya Fighter is now on PS5 as a "JigglyHaptic"!

The "Goonya Fighter JigglyHaptic Edition"
It's now available on PS5 as a launch title!

PS5 controller vibration, the
"Haptic feedback".
"Adaptive Trigger"!

Please experience the "JigglyHaptic" with your own fingertips!

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Goonya NEWS


PS5 ver official site open!

Goonya Fighter is coming to PS5!
Pre-release of the official PS5 version of Goonya Fighter website,
due out November 12!
We're almost to launch, so check out all the
exciting new elements that are unique to PS5!
Support for haptic feedback and adaptive triggers!
I hope you're looking forward to it!


What is Goonya Fighter?

A party-fighting game for 4 people to dive straight into.
No training needed!

Goonya Fighter is a party game that you can play anywhere, anytime, with anyone.
With only 4 actions, players of all levels can engage in heated battles. Goonya Fighters flop over quickly, but with a little button-bashing and stick-twiddling, you’re back on your feet to dish out some payback.

Watch how to play
Never seen anything like it!!

Select a Play Mode

Select a Play Mode

With a wealth of content
and simple actions,
how you play is up to you!

Play with friends or family in [VS MODE]. Battle together on different stages, with different rules, switch it up for hours of fun...
Battle with strangers from around the world in [ONLINE MODE], either alone or as a pair with a friend. Give it a go!

Clear missions in [STORY MODE] solo or as a team of two and dive deep into the Goonya world. Overcome a variety of challenges, be the best fighter there is!


JigglyHaptic Mode

Only in PS5!!

Feel Goonya sensation with
tips of your fingers?
New mode only available with
PlayStation 5!

Feel Goonya sensation with
tips of your fingers?
New mode only available with
PlayStation 5!

Experience the new features of Play Station 5, haptic feedback, adaptive trigger, and real sound experience with a console.

Push the battle control button and feel the vibration!
Enjoy the unique types of sensation at different stages such as icy surface and desert!
Let's feel the Goonya World with your fingertips!

3 Game Styles, 90 Levels, Endless Fun

Have even more fun with
one level via
different game styles.

  • RACE

Have even more fun with
one level via
different game styles.

Game styles include: defeating your opponents in [BATTLE]; picking up as many coins scattered around within the time limit in [COIN BATTLE]; capturing the flags in number order all the way to the goal in [RACE].
Change styles and experience the same level in multiple ways.

Go to town on the game styles that you know and like!

Kagero the Amoebas the Amoebas

Story Mode

Brush up your skills
in Story Mode and
become a strong fighter.

Play as Nyack and rescue... friend Pudding from the Amoebas with your companion Mash.
Beat the traps and the bosses, and make your way to victory! With one device you can play on your own or share two controllers and play as a team.

Story Mode


The local martial arts tournaments have finished, Nyack has won. However the Amoebas, in their shady ways, kidnap Nyack’s childhood friend Pudding. With former rival Mash lending a hand, the pair embark on their journey across the world, meeting new friends and foes alike as they learn how the Amoebas plan to use science to change the world. Will our heroes stand up to the challenge?!

Pudding Nyack


  • Nyack

    Aiming to be the best fighter there is, Nyack enters the local martial arts tournament, but…

  • Mash

    Nyack’s close friend, rival and fellow martial arts pupil. Never fails to train every day.

  • Pudding

    Childhood friend of Nyack and Mash. Kidnapped by the shady Amoebas.

  • Kagero

    A ninja training alone in a secluded forest. Teams up with Nyack and the others to help confront the Amoebas.

  • Papyrus

    A mysterious girl encountered in the red-hot desert. Contrary to how she presents herself, her clothes speak of a privileged background.

  • Aurora

    A cool assassin, lurking about in the shadows. Undertakes research for the Amoebas.

  • Cobra

    Commander of the Amoebas, working together with Aurora. Rumored to have a base of operations in a volcanic region somewhere…

  • the Amoebas

    Amoeba grunts. Beings created through the power of science perhaps, able to communicate telepathically via the antennas on top of their heads.

  • Jelly

    A bioroid created by the Amoebas. Shrouded in mystery, few within the Amoebas are aware of even Jelly’s existence.

  • Tappy

    Tappy is Uiro’s attendant, a skillful martial artist. Aside from being the attendant, Tappy is a trainer for Nyack and others.

  • Uiro

    Master of Nyack and Mash. The drunken master.
    He has a hidden skill not passed down to Nyack and others yet...

  • Glyph

    The brother of Papyrus and the prince of the desert kingdom.
    He has a sword passed down from the royal family. A big secret is said to be hidden in the sword.

  • Mascot

    Mascots who have come to the world of the Goonya Fighter.

  • JunjyoNoAfilia

    These cute fighters come from the world of idols and can sing and dance.

  • AsanoshimaiProject

    Ninja Vtubers Ruri Asano and Akane Asano have arrived in the world of Goonya Fighter.



Laugh it out with more additional item,
Enjoy the Goonya World
more than ever!

More unintroduced  “Additional Item” available! Try them out and have more fun!

See DLC グリフ アメーバ団 カゲロウ ニャック


Can I play online?
Of course! Have fun battling friends near and far.
Is there support for the new PS5 features of haptic feedback and adaptive triggers?
Yes there is! You can enjoy the tactile sensations in "STORY MODE" and "JIGGLY HAPTIC VS" to the fullest, so please try it!
How many people can play?
Up to four people can play! Let's have a boisterous party while playing together!
I don't like fighting games, can I still enjoy them?
There are no difficult controls! The action is super easy with immediate enjoyment!

product info

  • Title

    Goonya Fighter JigglyHaptic Edition

  • Release

    12th November 2020

  • Platform

    PlayStation 5

  • Players

    up to 4 players

  • Languages


  • CERO Rating

    A(for all ages)

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