PS5 Goonya Fighter

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Goonya Fighter

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Fact Sheet


  • Simple moves that redefine what a fighting game can be.
  • Support for haptic feedback and adaptive trigger.
  • Up to 4 players can play (Please prepare enough controllers for each person).
  • A variety of levels housing a variety of gimmicks.

Game Explanation

  • Introducton

    Walk too far and you flop over; punch the wrong way and be sent flying!
    And get back up again just as easily!
    For beginners and pros alike, welcome to a different kind of fighting game.

  • Cooperative play is possible with 2 controllers!

    Story mode can also be played in pair mode. Set off on an exciting adventure with your good friends, siblings, family and loved ones!

  • Brush up your skills in story mode!

    Story mode allows you as a solo player to improve your standing as a goonya fighter. Play as Nyack and rescue your childhood friend Pudding from the Amoebas with your companion Mash. Beat the traps and the bosses, and make your way to victory!

  • Easy controls with only 4 actions!

    The fighters' only basic controls are punch, kick, guard and jump! It is super easy to use so, anyone can enjoy the exciting gameplay!

  • 3 game styles, 90 levels, endless fun

    Game styles include: beating up your opponents in [BATTLE]; snatching up as many coins possible in [COIN BATTLE]; getting to the goal, playing dirty if you have to, in [RACE].

  • Utilise the various gimmicks
    in each level to your advantage.

    Kick bombs towards your enemies, push them onto falling floors, smack them into torches, kick them into magma pools. Do what it takes to be an accomplished goonya fighter!

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Battle your opponents as your characters flip and
flop all over the board. Fall, stagger, fly!

A new kind of party fighting game
Goonya Fighter

12th November 2020 Release!